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If employers want to download resumes that have been posted by the candidates, for every download they will need to pay some amount before downloading it. The amount you need to pay if you will download 100 resumes is Rs.1000 and the validity of that will be 30 days. For 250 resumes the validity is 90 days and the amount to be paid will be Rs. 2000. Similarly for downloading 500 resume the amount is Rs.3000 and for 1250 resumes the amount is Rs. 4000 the validity being 180 days and 360 days respectively. In case your validity expires you will not be able to view the profiles of any candidate until you re-pay the amount again.

How much will it cost?

The table below will guide you in a proper way and will give you a detailed idea about the payment that you are supposed to make.

List of Resumes cost and validity

Usage Validity Amount (INR)
Download Fast 50 Resumes unlimited Free
Download upto 100 Resumes 30 Days 1000/-
Download upto 250 Resumes 90 Days 2000/-
Download upto 500 Resumes 180 Days 3000/-
Download upto 1250 Resumes 360 Days 4000/-

How it works!

When you view a candidate’s profile in order to download the profile you have to pay us a certain amount that will be valid for few days, once the validity is over pay the amount again or else you will not be able to view any candidate’s profile that accordingly will suit the job that you are providing.