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We are here to help you with any kind of guidance that you require. Through FAQ you can ask any question that is related to the site and you can get solutions to all the problems that you are facing.

Most Popular FAQs

What is Sirjobs portal?

It is a job portal for both the job seekers and the employers. There are unlimited jobs available here and people looking for jobs can easily find one. For those who want to hire candidates, Sirjobs is the best way to do so as it will give you candidates that are suitable for your job requirement.

How do I contact Sirjobs?

You can visit our webpage or you can call us at our toll free number and our technicians are available 24x7 to answer to all the queries that you might have while using Sirjobs.

Can I receive regular mails from Sirjobs even if I am not registered?

No you will not receive any mail if you are not registered with Sirjobs. If you want to receive any mail or any kind of information from Sirjobs, it is necessary to register yourself.

Once I am done with the registration process, how will I know that I am registered?

After you have completed all the steps of registration and you have registered yourself with Sirjobs, you will get a confirmation mail from our side within 24 to 48 hrs from the time you have registered.

Can I view pages in Sirjobs even if I am not registered?

You can view only the footer pages, in order to view the main pages in Sirjobs you need to register yourself first.

Job Seeker Help

How can we sign up in Sirjobs?

When you register with us as a job seeker, you will automatically get the job seekers login page where you can login and then proceed with the steps to search for jobs that you are looking for.

Is the login page chargeable?

No the login page is not chargeable. After you register with us you can simply login and then look forward to search for jobs.

How do we post a resume?

After you login in the job seekers page you can post your updated resume in the place instructed and we will help you to make a perfect resume so that it come in the notice of all good companies who are looking to hire candidates.

Is posting a resume chargeable?

No posting a resume is not chargeable at all. Once you login you can follow the procedure and simple post your resume in the area where you need to post.

Does the site have sufficient job post for us to choose?

Yes the site has unlimited job searches and you have ample amount of options to choose the best career for you at your preferred location.

Can I update my profile?

Yes you can update your profile. If you want to update your profile go to the account settings page after you login and then you can update your profile.

Why should I register with Sirjobs?

It is one of the unique job portals that you are looking for in order to build a secured future. We provide you with top class jobs across the country providing you unlimited options to choose the career that you want at your preferred location.

Who all can view my resume?

Once you upload your resume in Sirjobs, it will be viewed by all the top companies who want to recruit candidates for their job vacancies.

How do I search for relevant jobs?

When you register and login with us you can search for many jobs that are available and which are relevant for you according to your qualification.

Can I still apply for jobs even if am not registered?

No that will not be possible. You have to be registered with us in order to view or apply for jobs in our site.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes you can apply for more than one job at a time. Look for the best of jobs that are suitable for you and apply keeping all the job criteria in mind.

Will I be able to make more than one profile in Sirjobs?

No you cannot create more than one profile in Sirjobs. You can have only one profile that will be viewed by top companies who are hiring.

Employer's Zone Help

How can employers sign up in Sirjobs?

After employers register with us, you will have to login with us by going to the login page and then you will be able to view candidates that you are looking for.

Are the jobs posted by the employers free of cost?

Yes employers can post the jobs for free in our site. Through posting the jobs they get the choice to look for candidates who will suit their job.

Can employers become our partners?

Employers can become our partners and work with us. They can even advertise any business or career related jobs at our site looking for appropriate searches.

Are advertises chargeable?

Yes advertises are chargeable. You need to pay a small amount to advertise at our site. We assure you that our charges are way affordable than any other site.

Can I download a resume that I like?

Yes you can download a resume that you think is suitable for your requirement, the only thing you need to do is pay a small amount. The amount is affordable compared to any other site.

Will I be able to save the resume that I like?

Yes you will be able to save the resume you like. The first 50 that you save will be free of cost but after that you have to pay a certain amount in order to save the resume.

How can I post a job in Sirjobs?

After you register yourself with us, you will have to login in the employer’s zone page, after that you can follow the instructions and post your jobs accordingly.

Can I assign more than one job to the candidate?

Yes you can always assign more than one job to the candidate you think is suitable for the kind of job you are hiring for.

Can I retrieve my password in case I forget it?

Yes you can retrieve your password just follow the instructions and you will be able to access your account properly.

What if I face problem while accessing my account?

In case you face any problem with your account we are here to help you solve your problem. We are available 24x7 to assist you in the right way.